Controlling the Fantastic Robot with Infrared

Controlling the Fantastic Robot with Infrared

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Citilab ED1


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Controlling the Robot with Infrared

Infrared communication

  • In this unit we will see how to control the robot wirelessly using infrared technology.

  • This technology is based on sending infrared waves between two LEDs (one emitter and one receiver).

  • As the ED1 board has an infrared receiver built in, we can use any television remote control or a generic one to send commands to it.

TV Remote Controls Remote conrols

Infrared library

  • In order to be able to use the infrared receiver on the board, you need to import the IR Remote library under the Other folder.

Infrared library

  • Although there is a block to initialize the receiver in our case it is not needed, since the block to receive codes calculates it automatically. It would only be necessary if you have another board and an external receiver.

  • To receive codes you just need to use the corresponding block and press a button on the remote to test if it works.

Block to receive code

Challenge 1: Make a program that moves the robot with the remote.


Solution to challenge 1


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