Controlling the Fantastic Robot with Snap!

Controlling the Fantastic Robot with Snap!

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Controlling the Robot with Snap!

Communication from a web environment: Snap!

  • As we have already seen in the previous unit, it is possible to communicate with the ED1 board through web requests (REST) ​​thanks to the fact that we can start a web server on it.

  • The web browser is not the only one that can make this type of request, they can also be made from other applications.

  • In this unit we will see how to control the robot from Snap!.

Sending commands from Snap!

  • Snap! is a block programming environment very similar to Scratch but which allows you to create more complex projects, thanks to the fact that it includes more advanced instructions than this one.

  • One of these instructions in the form of a block is the one that allows web requests to be made in the same way as if they were made through the browser bar.

URL block

  • NOTE: for some reason it does not work in the Chrome browser and its derivatives, so it is recommended to use Firefox.
Challenge 1: Control the robot with url blocks.


Solution to challenge 1

Challenge 2: Control the robot with the arrow keys on your keyboard.


Solution to challenge 1


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