Windshield Wiper

Windshield Wiper

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Citilab ED1


Stepper motor
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Windshield Wiper

Stepper motors

  • Stepper motors are a type of motor that rotate by small steps in one direction or the other.

  • Stepper motors are very precise and versatile, since they can move by precise angles as well as full-turns. For example, stepper motors are used in to move the print head in plotters and 3D printers.

  • A typical model is the 28BYJ-48. It works at 5 Volts and allows you to take 512 steps per lap.

Stepper Motors

Steppers Info

Operation of stepper motors

  • These motors have several windings that are activated to achieve the rotary movement.

Stepper motors

  • For each winding there is a specific cable to activate it.

  • To use them you need a specific "driver" circuit that applies the appropriate voltages.

  • The Citilab ED1 board incorporates 2 outputs prepared for this type of motor.

ED1 Stepmotor connections Stepmotor info

"ED1 Stepper Motor" Library

  • To work with the 28BYJ-48 stepper motors you need to use the ED1 Stepper Motor library found in the Others category.

Stepper motor library

  • There are blocks to work with the 2 motors independently and a specific one to move the two motors at the same time.

Stepper motor blocks

Challenge 1: Make a wiper with the speed controlled by a potentiometer.


Solution to challenge 1


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